Drummer Nation #83 “Buddy Rich, One of a Kind” Guest: author Pelle Berglund

Pelle Berglund’s new book, "Buddy Rich, One of a Kind,” offers a precise and highly detailed accounting of the events in the life of one of the foremost musical geniuses of the twentieth century. From Buddy’s early days as a child Vaudeville star, to his emergence as the most in-demand sideman of the swing era, to his eventual success with his own band, Berglund dots the landscape with the names of hundreds of musicians, band leaders, performances, and recordings. Buddy’s personal relationships with celebrities including Frank Sinatra and Johnny Carson are detailed. Never before seen photos complete this first rate accounting of the life and music of arguably the greatest drummer of all time. Click this link to enter to win a set of Istanbul Mehmet Shiny Black Bell cymbals: https://drumlink.com/category/contest/

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